What to do when life changes………

Last October we launched Spare Time. We’d been planning the launch for nearly a year and we were ready to go. The day came, the Minister cut the ribbon and we went live! And then……..

Life came along and got in the way.

We didn’t know on launch day that we only had a few weeks until we would become instant parents to our gorgeous little girl. We didn’t know that our lives as we knew them would go on hold indefinitely as we worked out our new reality. We didn’t know the happiness and joy that would come from letting a teeny tiny little soul come into our hearts and our home.

Sometimes in life we are thrown curve balls that set us off on a path that is different to the one that we thought we were on. Plans get delayed, the obvious becomes the unknown and the unlikely becomes the new routine. It’s part of what makes life fun, but is also part of what makes life challenging at times.

We’ve been enjoying our new family life, but it’s brought with it major change. During those first few months of learning about life with a new baby we didn’t really have time for much else. We became hermits, stopped working on our projects and turned off. It was great for a few weeks.

As the dust started to settle on our new routine we were reminded why we started Spare Time in the first place. When you are used to working every day and then for whatever reason you need to stop working it can impact on you in major ways. So many of us draw so much of our sense of self worth from our work that when it’s not there it can make you feel like the world is not right. Our routines are gone and instead we start wondering “what shall I do today” or perhaps even whether we’ll see other humans. The safety of work includes having somewhere to be at a certain time and regularly seeing other people at the water cooler.

Most people in their lives go through periods without work: retirement, illness, redundancy, looking after ageing parents or children, the time following graduation or taking time out to travel. This time can be wonderful but can also be lonely or frustrating. Finding Spare Time during these periods can be really hard as other responsibilities and needs are juggled.

We started to find our way back into the connected world of work a little while back by volunteering for our local startup community an hour or two a month from home. This was just enough to feel that we were still connected and useful, even though we couldn’t do as much as we used to. Just responding to an email or replying to a message feels like we’ve achieved something and connected us to other people but still gave us all the time we needed for our growing family. We’re just starting to reconnect with our projects and can’t wait to share with you the launch (version 2.0) of Spare Time in the very near future.

Work isn’t everything in life, but it isn’t nothing either. It can help us to understand ourselves better, to make friends and to help others. Spare Time seeks to connect people with meaningful work because we understand that time is precious and that often other things have to come first. We want to help people stay connected, feel useful and to leave a mark on this world of ours. It might take us a little longer than we first thought, but we’re here for the long haul!

If you are in a period of life without work we’d love to hear from you! We’re looking for people to help us test the next version of Spare Time and who can help us to make it better for everyone. Send us an email at hello@sparetime.online and we’ll be in touch!


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  1. Tina Ferguson

    Welcome back Yup Yups! Looking forward to version 2.0 and what’s ahead for Sparetime Project and future projects arising from the extremely talented and inspirational team that is Yup Yups!


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