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These organisations are doing great things for the community and we love their work. They offer great opportunities for paid work and volunteering. Sparetime provides skilled recruitment by matching individuals to opportunities and specialise in NGO recruitment.



    Georgia Heath

    Co-Founder – Spare Time
    “Spare Time was created because we heard over and over again that people feel happiest when their work is valued. We want to create great experiences for skilled people looking for paid work or volunteering.”



    Co-Founder – Spare Time
    “People want flexibility with their volunteering roles and they want interesting work that fits in with their interesting life styles. Gone are the days when people would work in one job, retire and then do the same volunteer role for the next 30 or 40 years. Spare Time gives flexibility and choice.”

What Spare Time Offers

Spare Time connects people with skills with paid and volunteer work in their communities. We provide a range of services for individuals and organisations.

Find the right role for you or person for your project using the Spare Time search functions.

Use Spare Time to make contact with individuals and organisations.

Join one of the Spare Time social groups to find other people with similar interests.

Join one of the Spare Time online training courses to get skills and find new ways to use your Spare Time

Spare Time is committed to providing universal access to our services and to the roles that we advertise. Please let us know if we can make any improvements.

Our Adelaide-based team will provide support for you or your organisation through regular workshops, coaching and one-on-one support.

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Searching for roles has never been that easy. Now you can find jobs matched your time, skills and interests, apply for jobs and receive feedback right on your mobile. Spare Time works responsively on mobile phones so that you can start your job search now!

Spare Time

Spare Time connects people with skills with paid work and volunteering in their communities. We also provide a range of services for individuals and organisations to help you make the most of Spare Time!

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